Financial Planning for Professionals

Obsidian Personal Planning Solutions provides financial planning for professionals that optimize your investments and protect your lifestyle.
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Get clear on your business and personal objectives and develop a plan to achieve them.

financial planning clarity


Arrange and prioritize your personal and professional resources to design an ideal financial plan.

financial planning priorities


Define the steps that support your ambitions and use them as milestones to evaluate your progress.

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Make Your Money Work For You

  • Do you have a clear picture of your future financial obligations and the impact they will have on your retirement?
  • Are you struggling to find the time to research the financial options and actions available to you?
  • Do you know how to align your financial resources with your life goals?

Today’s successful professionals are pulled in multiple directions daily and stretched to the limits of their resources. You work hard to balance home and career and want to share and protect the lifestyle you’ve sacrificed to build. Unfortunately, preserving your wealth is sometimes even harder than earning it.

You don’t have to risk the financial rewards of your career to meet the individual needs of your family.
You just need a partner that can help make your money work for you.
We have the skills and experience to be that partner.

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Here’s how you can confidently design your future.

1. Schedule a No-obligation Conversation

Let's get to know each other and see if there's a fit with a complimentary, no-obligation conversation.

2. Enroll in the Lifestyle Protector Program™

Our step-by-step approach is designed to help you grow and protect your wealth and lifestyle, and preserve your family legacy.

3. Track & Monitor Your Progress

Together, we'll closely monitor your progress, so you can stop feeling worried and get back to living life to its fullest.

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Get the guidance you need to preserve your success.

financial planning professionals strategy


We help successful professionals identify and implement strategies to minimize taxes and protect real estate and investment assets.

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We strive to educate our clients on the latest financial tools and tactics so they have the insight they need to make better decisions.

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Our team provides long-term support and engagement to keep you on the best path to realizing your financial goals.

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Preserve Your Success for Your Family

Achieving success as a professional requires years of education, real-world trial and error, and dedication. It hasn’t been an easy path to get here, and it’s not an easy path forward. You’ll need to develop and follow a detailed plan that will lead you through typical life expenses and unexpected events without sacrificing capital. We can help create that plan.

The first aspect of creating a financial plan is gaining an awareness of yourself and your resources. Self-reflection helps you better understand what you want and why. With this information, you are more equipped to make the best financial decisions for your goals. Our Lifestyle Protector Program helps you realize what’s most important and be more confident with your money.

By marrying your money and your motivations, you prepare yourself for life’s unexpected events as well as the little luxuries that make it all worthwhile. Our approach accounts for everything from real estate investments to college savings, insurance needs analysis to estate planning, and beyond. As a result, you’ll receive a comprehensive blueprint designed to build your best financial future.

Ultimately no financial plan is ever 100% complete. You will need to review your positions at regular intervals and make adjustments along the way. Our team of certified professionals will coach and guide you in this process until we achieve your goals together.

You owe it to yourself and your success to make the most of your money. Amplifying your assets requires careful planning and diligent management. Let Obsidian Planning provide a financial roadmap for you and your family to follow into the future of your dreams.

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