Succession Planning for Family Businesses

Obsidian Personal Planning Solutions provides succession planning for family businesses to help ensure a smooth generational ownership transition.
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Receive the unbiased assistance you need to select the proper candidate for the transition of your business.

family succession planning selection


Determine the ideal timeline for exiting your business and the milestones that will guide your path.

family succession planning timing


Develop and mentor your intended successor to ensure they have the skills and wisdom for leadership.

family succession planning development

Don’t Risk Business Value

  • Have you been thinking about exiting your business, but you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you have a potential successor in mind to take over after your exit?
  • Are you concerned your family may not want to follow in your footsteps?

Your business success has been the key to your lifestyle. You want to protect that lifestyle and share it with your family. You need an objective succession plan that doesn’t sacrifice value, but you don’t know where to start. Obsidian Planning can guide you through the process.


Transitioning ownership of a family business is tricky. If you make a mistake or a wrong decision, it could potentially cost you and your family a significant amount of money. Preparation and planning are the keys, and we are ready and equipped to help.

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Here’s how you can confidently design your future.

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Let's get to know each other and see if there's a fit with a complimentary, no-obligation conversation.

2. Enroll in the Lifestyle Protector Program™

Our step-by-step approach is designed to help you grow and protect your wealth and lifestyle, and preserve your family legacy.

3. Track & Monitor Your Progress

Together, we'll closely monitor your progress, so you can stop feeling worried and get back to living life to its fullest.

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Create an equitable plan that will serve both your family and your business.

family succession planning empowerment


We help family-owned businesses define the strategies that best transition their company’s leadership for ongoing success.

family business succession specialization


Our team has the specialized knowledge and experience you need to manage your ownership and succession needs.

family succession planning experience


We provide objective advice on the ideal methods and means for structuring your long-term leadership team.

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Preserve Your Business Legacy

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. You can’t work forever. But you don’t want to risk losing company value, employee jobs, or family wealth by leaving. If you ever hope to exit, you’re going to need a viable succession plan. We can help.

Identify Your Successor

The first thing to consider will be the candidates for succession. You’ll have to make some difficult decisions about the most capable and appropriate talent to assume control after you’re gone. Obsidian Planning uses an analytical vetting process to help you determine everything from who might fit to who’s the best fit. Our process helps you know when you’ve found the ideal successor.

Value Your Company

You’ll also need to determine the target value of your company. Having a solid estimate of what your business will be worth helps to make financing the transition easier. We use a range of tools and indicators to evaluate the true quality of earnings and working capital requirements. When you have solid metrics, your leadership team is well equipped for what comes next. Having a clear understanding of the financial transfer of your company provides assurance that you’re maximizing your wealth without sacrificing the company’s future.

Define Your Exit

Determining the right future leadership team and a fair price can be challenging. You need to know when and how to step away from your business. It’s one of the most emotional aspects of any business transition. These emotions make many owners feel paralyzed and trapped. We can help you manage emotions through an impartial analysis of your personal goals and business targets. Using these objective factors, you’ll be able to determine and plan for the optimal time and manner of your exit. We’re not saying that it will be easy, but a succession plan will make it more manageable.

Planning for the next phase of your personal and professional life can be daunting. We’ve helped small family businesses like yours for more than three decades. Our experience provides proficiency in identifying and managing the necessary details of your business succession. We want to help you best prepare for an equitable, collaborative transition that will safeguard your business legacy.

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